"For a first-time author like me, the whole writing and publishing thing can be daunting. The writing of the book is just one half of the picture. The other is the editing and marketing. And I am very happy to say Anne was by my side throughout the process. Ever since I joined Anne's writers' group, I learned so much. Anne was by my side from my first scribblings right up to my published memoir, in which she had a large part to play in mentoring me. And there's just so much a writer doesn't know she doesn't know! Anne raised my flagging spirits when I was down, proofread my manuscript, gave constructive feedback... and that's just about actual writing. But it didn't stop there. ISBNs, marketing plans, blog tours - these are all important milestones for a first-time author, and Anne was guiding me on all these issues all the way through. Anne is not just an excellent guide and mentor but a warm and wonderful human being too! I am really lucky that I have her as a friend and that I could use her experiences in making the entire writing process much easier for me."

Padmini B. Sankar, freelance writer and author,The Family from Padma Vilas

"Anne is a fantastic content editor to work with. She is multi-talented and detail oriented. Her collaboration as editor for my novel, Dubai Wives, has made a huge difference to the manuscript as a whole. Her feedback and insightful critique as well as her sense of humour and enthusiasm make her a delight to work with. I highly recommend Anne as a mentor and editor for writers of all genres."

Zvezdana Rashkovich, author, Dubai Wives

"Anne has helped me with both a novel that I’m working on and edited and published my first children’s book. I like how she listens and understands what I am looking for in an artist and works hard to achieve that match. Her connections with professionals who do design and do layouts for books led to a perfect match to my personality. Anne is able to teach us new authors and seasoned authors in the new way to market books in all the social media worlds. Working with her is like taking a business class and is worth every penny! I am looking forward to all that I will be learning from her in the future."

Diann Floyd Boehm, author, The Little Girl in the Moon 

"OC Publishing has been the most professional, caring, and knowledgeable company you will find. Anne's skills are top notch along with her integrity. OC Publishing is the perfect fit for me."

Cindy Tingley, author, Lily the Donkey's Adventures