Rachel Boehm is an award-winning journalist, turned workplace wellness organizer and advocate. Her experiences with school and workplace bullying, fat shaming, disordered eating, perfectionism, and verbal and emotional abuse began at a young age and continued into her late-twenties. 

Embracing a survivor’s mindset, Boehm now views her journey as a calling to transform the way individuals and organizations view well-being, the beauty of the human body, metrics of success, and the fragility of time. 

 Boehm was raised in Austin, Texas. A love for the fine arts, film, and television took her to Southern California for undergraduate studies and to pursue a career in the industry. 

 A quarter-life crisis fueled by the tumultuous nature of the industry and a realization of society’s flawed definitions of beauty and success, sent her on a multi-year soul-searching quest. She traveled back to Austin, then on to the UAE, Syria, Jordan, Europe, and New York City, before accepting a graduate studies scholarship with American University in Journalism and Public Affairs. Following commencement, she moved to Northern Virginia.

 This journey is detailed in her memoir I Am NOT!, which in many ways provides the backstory for her 2018 self-published collection of quips and lessons learned, Tripping in Public.

 Today, Boehm works at an individual and organizational level to change the dialogue around the workplace well-being experience. She shares her story and works to help others: redefine success and beauty; develop mindfulness and self-compassion; and embrace the art of the “always something” mindset. 

 Through her many endeavours (day job, side hustle, and private practice), Boehm seeks to help everyone bring their best selves to work and life, and to truly love the skin they’re in. You can learn more about Boehm and her work at rachboehm.com, and connect with her directly via Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube. You can also join her on her Facebook page


ISBN: 978-1-989833-00-1

Rachel's memoir, I Am NOT! launched on International Self-Esteem Day, June 26, 2020! It is  available on AmazonBarnes & Noble, and other online retailers and can be ordered in to your local bookstore.

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Rachel Boehm