Also coming in 2022:

Lily's Egypt Adventure by Cindy Tingley


Orange Kitty and the Mouse Parade by E.M. Gales

Children's Picture Book

Charlie and the Tire Swing by Diann Floyd Boehm

ISBN: 978-1-989833-23-0 (hard cover)

ISBN: 978-1-989833-22-3 (paperback)

Coming in October 

“Thank you, Diann Floyd Boehm and Charlie’s Tire Swing, for giving me the opportunity to relive my childhood wonder at the miracle of nurturing growth and my childhood memories of carefree summer days spent on my own tire swing.  A sweet intergenerational story.”

Lana Shupe, The Lonely Little Lighthouse

Guided Journal

The Holding & The Healing Companion Journal

by Lynda Faye Schmidt

ISBN: 978-1-989833-25-4

Coming in October

2022 Titles 

Women's Fiction

The Holding by Lynda Faye Schmidt

ISBN: 978-1-989833-16-2

April 23, 2022

"Lynda Faye Schmidt invited readers into a close examination of a life filled with triumphs. While Cate's journey holds surprises, what we ultimately see is how her scars fortify her."

Alison Delory, Making it Home


Nurse! by Francene Cosman

Coming in September!

Cover mock up only - not final