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Lynda Faye Schmidt believes that creating is her life purpose, whether in building meaningful relationships, writing poems, blogs or stories, or preparing culinary creations, she loves to be fully engaged in the process. Lynda writes emotionally impacting, character-driven stories, based on real-life experiences.

Lynda has been honing her craft since she began scribbling poetry in the back of her elementary school exercise books. She has a massive collection of journals, which are her foundational reflective and creative tools. 

Lynda earned a bachelor of education, majoring in reading and language at the University of Calgary. She has taught in grades kindergarten to nine. She developed an interest in special needs education early in her career and enrolled in numerous workshops to develop her skills, and gain experience in the field. 

As part of her life-long interest in reading and writing, Lynda has attended writing workshops, was a member of the Writer’s Guild of Alberta, completed a creative writing course at Mount Royal College and finished the Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. 

In September 2017, Lynda started her blog, Musings of an Emotional Creature, where she writes about topics that inspire, impassion and ignite her. She writes about everything from travel, life as an ex-pat, relationships, and current events. 

Lynda was a contributor for DQ Living magazine in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia from July 2018 to June 2019. In her role as staff contributor, Lynda wrote articles on a variety of topics. “The Way of the Future” covered the ambitious transportation goals of Saudi Vision 2030, including the building of the construction of the new 22.5 billion metro project. She also wrote a travel article on Bahrain and interviewed two female entrepreneurs; Princess Nourah al Faisal of Nuun Jewels and Sarah Bin Said of Blend Culinary School.

Based on true events, The Healing is a work of women’s fiction / family drama that follows Cate Henderson, who, after twenty-six years in an abusive relationship, sets out on a quest to find healing and create a new life. The Holding is a prequel to The Healing.

Lynda believes that solid routines, balanced by open spaces that allow for opportunities, are the foundation for success and happiness. Her days are filled with time spent on her mat, practicing yoga and meditation, reading, writing, taking care of business and connecting with the people she loves.

Lynda Faye Schmidt is a Canadian ex-pat living in Panama with her husband, David. For more information, visit the author's website

Lynda Faye Schmidt

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