“Hambone: Why Pigs Have Curly Tails, tells a unique and exciting tale about perseverance, kindness, and a search for excitement in our lives.”
Laura Shepherd, Literacy/Numeracy Specialist

"Hambone also shows how a community can help one another. We are in this together! As a special learning support teacher and primary teacher I am thrilled with the rich vocabulary. I would recommend this book to any library, teacher, parent and speech and language pathologist." 
Linda Whittle, Retired Elementary School Teacher and Granma

Jackie Arnason is prairie girl. She was born in a small town in Saskatchewan and spent most of her life in Regina.

While growing up in the “dirty thirties” life was hard. The library became her haven. She learned to love books of all kinds and made up stories to tell her brothers and sisters.

As an adult she married and had children and then grandchildren. Here at last was a captive audience, so she told stories about pigs and dragons and kittens and clouds and zebras. The stories fostered a closeness between mother and daughters and grandmother and grandchildren and had a gentle and imaginative way of teaching life lessons. 

 Despite the fact that she is now in her 80’s, Jackie still loves to tell stories, using her imagination to bring joy to others. She is essentially a story teller, a mom, an Ahma, a mentor, a reader, a writer and a delighted first-time author.

Jackie's children's book, Hambone - Why Pigs Have Curly Tails, launched on August 9, 2020, in celebration of Book Lovers' Day! Read more in the press release.

Jackie Arnason