“Timothy Titus sure does have a great imagination! This book will spark imagination and creativity in children. This is a great book for teachers to read to their students when encouraging them to come up with ideas for writing their own short stories.” 
Chelsea Sneep, preschool & early learning teacher

"A warm and welcoming short story that reminds us of the magic of imagination and the power of kindness.".
Caylee Ortiz, ECE teacher and children’s librarian

“The book is simple yet engaging and will hold the attention of children of all ages. Timothy is a character with a roaring imagination. It’s delightful to connect to and see ourselves in this fun character.”
Kylie Etmanski, elementary school teacher

“I found Timothy Titus Terrance O’Toole & the Dragon to be a delightful children’s book. The colourful, descriptive language holds the reader captive feeling both amusement and anticipation of what is to come. I love when the author addresses the audience in the narrative keeping the reader involved throughout the story. I would definitely enjoy this story with young children.”
Bev Landry, retired primary teacher

“A delightful story. Timothy is one lucky boy to have such a loving and handy dragon! 
Makes me wish I had one.”
Cindy Tingley, author, Lily’s Adventures

Hambone: Why Pigs Have Curly Tails, tells a unique and exciting tale about perseverance, kindness, and a search for excitement in our lives.”
Laura Shepherd, Literacy/Numeracy Specialist

"Hambone also shows how a community can help one another. We are in this together! As a special learning support teacher and primary teacher I am thrilled with the rich vocabulary. I would recommend this book to any library, teacher, parent and speech and language pathologist." 
Linda Whittle, Retired Elementary School Teacher and Granma

Jackie Arnason was a prairie girl, born in a small town in Saskatchewan and living most of her life in Regina. While growing up in the “dirty 30s” life was hard but the local library became her haven. She learned to love reading and books of all kinds and made up stories to tell her brothers and sisters.

This talent for storytelling continued when she had children and then grandchildren. Here at last was a captive audience, so she told fanciful stories about pigs and dragons and kittens and clouds and zebras.

Storytime fostered a closeness between mother and daughters and Ahma and grandchildren and provided a gentle and imaginative way of teaching life lessons.

Despite having written boxes and boxes of stories for her family for decades, Jackie became a delighted first-time author at the age of 87, publishing Hambone—Why Pigs Have Curly Tails, in 2020. Timothy Titus Terrance O’Toole & the Dragon is her second children’s book.

Jackie passed away in September 2021 but her legacy will live on in the lessons and magical stories she shared through the years. 

Jackie's first children's book, Hambone - Why Pigs Have Curly Tails, launched on August 9, 2020, in celebration of Book Lovers' Day! 

We launched Jackie's second children's book, Timothy Titus Terrance O'Toole & the Dragon, on December 1 (posthumously). Read more in the launch press release

​Jackie's books are available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Chapters/Indigo and other online retailers and can be ordered in to your local bookstore. 

Jackie Arnason