In book publishing there are three types of editing:

  • Developmental editing
  • Line editing
  • Final proofread

Developmental editing includes: Story and character development, identifying plot holes and ensuring that all elements of a good plot structure are in place, such as characters and setting, conflict and rising action, an overarching theme, a climax or turning point, falling action and resolution.

Once the manuscript has been through the developmental editing process (which can take several months depending on what stage of development the manuscript is in when we begin working with an author), it then moves to copy/line editing. Line editing focuses on sentence structure, word choice and punctuation. The final proofread is to catch any type-os, punctuation or any other errors that were missed once the book is designed and layout is complete. Of course there is overlap in each phase but a set of fresh eyes is always important in the second and third editing phases. 

For new authors, the process of going from a great idea to actually putting those creative thoughts down in a logical and interesting way that will capture the attention of readers, can be frightening. Once you get over the fear, just figuring out what to do first can escape the best of us.

Whatever stage you are at in your author journey, we will sit down with you, hear your idea, read your outline or review your first chapters and then give you a road map of where to go from that point on to reach your own personal publishing goal, whether you are writing just for yourself, for family and friends or for the whole world to read! We can take you from plot line and character development to completed manuscript.

Mentoring, Editing and Publishing Services

OC Publishing uses a hybrid model known as Partner Publishing. The genres published are women's fiction, memoir, mystery / adventure, historical fiction and children's books. After an author submits sample chapters, we will review the sample and interview the author to determine if there is a good fit for both parties. Then the publishing options are explored together and the author decides whether the preference is to self-publish or partner publish. 

For both options, OC Publishing uses Ingram Spark's Lightning Source for paperback (print on demand or POD) and Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) for ebook. 

If the self-publishing path is chosen, we coach the author through the process, whereby the author liaises with the book designer (for layout and cover design), handles the account set up on Amazon, uploads all files and then publishes the book his or herself with our guidance. In the partner publishing process, we set up the author's account and handle all the steps required in the publishing process and the book is published under the imprint, OC Publishing.

Regardless of the option selected, we also assist authors in the development of their online author platforms, which includes setting up on social media (Facebook and Twitter) and developing profiles for Amazon's Author Central and Goodreads. 

The fees are determined based on the process you choose and the services selected. Once your book is published, you own the copyright and receive all royalties moving forward. 

If you have any questions about any of the services offered, please contact Anne anytime!